Product review: The shower gel that makes you feel like you’re on holiday


Indulge your skin senses with the new shower gel range from Nivea featuring lemongrass and Hawaii flower.

I love a shower gel, especially one that is super moisturising. We’ve just come out of winter and my skin has been extremely dry and needs some serious pampering and nourishment.

I’ve also go those ‘post tropical holiday blues’, and this devine shower gel has definitely helped to perk me up.

The smell is beautiful and it feels like I am adding a reinvigorating sense of summer into my shower routine. I may not still be in the tropics, but it 100% feels like I am.

Feels like you are on holiday (for only $8.00)
Hawaii Flower and Lemongrass.

I’ve been using the lemongrass & oil and the Hawaii flower & oil. Both are lovely – I alternate because I can’t decide which one, I like the best.

I can definitely say that my skin feels a lot softer and smoother, and it’s adds a touch of luxury to my shower.

You can buy your 500ml bottles from Coles or Woolworths, and the best thing of all, they are only $8.00 each. That’s a lot cheaper than a tropical holiday!

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