Speed fit: Is this the smarter workout?


When I was approached to try Speed Fit, I thought ‘Bloody hell, what have I got myself in for?’, which was quickly followed up by ‘I hope my pelvic floors hold up!’

If you are anything like me, and didn’t know what Speed Fit was, in simple terms, it’s a workout that takes approximately 20 minutes, but works over 90% of the muscles in your body, so for me the muscles that I just can’t manage to get to are always the pelvic floor and the glutes (okay and the tummy muscles – the list is long).

Well, let me tell you, after this workout, I found my pelvis and my butt most definitely got a workout!

Speed Fit is a fast, efficient and highly effective way to work out, especially if you are time poor, or suffer or are recovering from sports injuries. The Speed Fit method has been used in Europe for decades for rehab and sports medicine. It’s effective and each workout is tailored to your individual needs.

When I arrived, the wonderful team at the North Sydney clinic went through my medical history, my goals and were very thorough in my consultation. I felt safe, confident and more than ready to give it a go.

I was a bit shocked when they told me to take all my clothes off (ALL of them)…. but you put on a special (looks almost like a stocking) top and tights which helps once the suit goes on. Oh, I didn’t mention that, did I. You wear a special vest and leg and arm bands which are attached to a machine. This electronic muscle stimulation (EMS) machine sends electrical impulses to your muscles, making them contract, all the while you are doing specific exercises like squats, arms bends, etc. It’s a very strange feeling, and call me crazy, but I actually loved it.

I started very slowly on a low setting, but as I have a high pain tolerance, I was tempted to crank it up, but I am bloody glad I didn’t because the next day, I really felt my muscles. They had got a great workout. I was super impressed.

The bit I loved the most, is I could feel my stomach muscles working, and my pelvic floors, and for me, that was a win! Not to mention my butt, I’ve never had such a great workout.

Such a great workout – I found it really effective.

Side note: What I also loved, was that there were two other mid-life women in at the same time as me, and before me, there was an older gentleman, who had a knee injury (he was telling me how the Speed Fit method was helping him recover). It didn’t feel like your typical ‘gym’, which it’s not. It’s more like a private studio.

My tips:

  • Buy your own suit (the stocking suit). That way it’s yours to keep, you wash it, you know it’s only been used by you.
  • I would go once a week, twice maximum (in fact, they advise you not to over do it). Muscles need to recover.
  • They have great nutritional advice as well and extremely informative materials on hand, my suggestion is to read up on this and ask as many questions as you can.
  • I would use Speed Fit as an add-on to my normal fitness routine. I can see the benefit of this, and you will definitely feel the benefits.
  • As we age, we need to do more strength work and increase our muscle mass. This is an excellent, safe and controlled way to do it.

What it costs

For a 30-week pack, which includes one session per week, a quarterly body composition scan, quarterly nutritional seminar, it costs $69.95 per week*.

For a 12-month membership which includes one session per week, a quarterly body composition scan, quarterly nutritional seminar, it is $59.95 per week*.

*Costs are at time of publishing.

For more information and locations near you, check out Speed Fit.

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