This week was a real ball-breaker: I turned into a raging, hormonal, pimply nightmare

hormonal and pimply week

Here’s the thing about hormones, well, mine in particular.

One minute I feel bloody fabulous, my clothes fit, I’m as happy as Larry, have the energy of a 14-year-old, the skin of a youthful 20-year-old (okay, I’m exaggerating…..), and I look at the hub and find him half appealing.

Then BAM! In the blink of an eye, I’ve turned into a pimply, bloated, tired, nagging hag who will either cry at the drop of a hat or bite the poor hubs head off, and I definitely do NOT find him appealing.

Sums up my week

Welcome to my hormonal week in review.

This week past week was a ball-busting, tits in a vice, shit fight. I cried at the television, I snapped at the hub when he went and got me a hot chocolate, I felt disgusting, sad, horrible, ugly, fat (yes, I know I should know better, but that’s how I felt – it’s the hormones, not me!).

I did remind myself that it would pass, and that any day now I would feel better. And I did. Just like that. I woke up on Monday, more energic, happier and while my skin still looks like it belongs to a pubescent teen, I did feel better.

I know I need to not be so hard on myself, but it’s uncontrollable. It just sneaks up when you least expect it. All the things I know I should do, to make it better, just goes out the window.

I’ve decided, when I feel like this, to run with it, don’t fight it (there really is no point), but to remember it will pass, and soon enough, I’ll feel like my usual self again. If I feel like a cry, do it. Who cares? We can’t feel great all the time, and we shouldn’t feel bad for not feeling good. It’s life, we’re human.

I called Mum and had a natter about how I was feeling, and while she said she could ‘vaguely’ remember menopause, she’s fibbing, because I heard her talking to friends once, and the stories were horrific, and I also clearly remember whale music being played while she was going through ‘the pause’, supposedly to help her sleep better, and I can remember her changing her nighty during the night!

However, she did offer some pearls of wisdom.

Her suggestions were:
Eating well helps
  • Eating well (although it’s no fun, it seems to help)
  • Exercise (but not overdoing it)
  • Company, friends and social interaction
  • Do something just for yourself, a walk, a bath, reading, pampering etc
  • Don’t neglect your sex life (oh God, not what I need to hear from Mum…)
Exercise definitely helps

She’s right, the above does help, and while it seems so simple and basic common-sense, when you’re in the middle of a hormonal cycle, you don’t think straight (while I don’t anyway).

I’ve also started to track my cycle and put down the days I feel like crap, I don’t know why I’m doing this, but I think it’s giving me more control, over a situation I can’t control. Maybe it’s when my estrogen falls that I feel like crap (I’m asking the specialist this next Thursday).

So, in a nutshell, this last few week has been a roller-coaster. This past weekend I turned into a raging, hormonal, bloated, hairy, gassy, sweaty, pimply nightmare.  It happens, it passes and I’m hoping the next few weeks are good (fingers crossed. I don’t think the hub can take any more of this….).

The man deserves a medal. But to be fair, I think he may also be going through the man-o-pause. He’s been a bit moody of late….

For anyone else feeling those hormones kicking them in the ass this week, I feel your pain. It will get better. You are not alone, I promise.

Here’s to us, and here’s to a bloody great week ahead, because more than likely this coming week will be fabulous, and I’m bloody well looking forward to it. It’s not all bad!

On a wee side note. While I document my hormonal midlife, the ups and downs. I am actually loving midlife. I’m more empowered (I’m doing this site for starters), I am happier and more content with who I am and I am all about empowering other mid-lifers to live life and enjoy it. We are relevant and we are bloody fabulous. I will however, still be very honest about midlife, and at the moment my midlife is a great midlife, but just with the odd hormonal hiccup.

Jo x