Beautiful clothing for every woman. Always.


I started working with Adrift fashion as an ambassador for many reasons, but one of the biggest was the brand’s respect for women of every age and shape.

Owner Bec Pullar is an inspiration who has created a fashion brand loved by many. I have always been fascinated by women who run businesses (in this case a fantastic Australian brand). I find it inspiring. So with that in mind, we fired over a few questions to Bec to find out more.

Bec Pullar, Owner Adrift Clothing

What made you switch from law to fashion?

I had four children in just under four years and throughout worked as a lawyer. There was no support back then and it was really difficult. I grew to hate the office environment and needed to rethink what I would like to do. I wanted a change from the male-dominated environment that law firms represented back then.

Did you have any previous experience in fashion?

I had a beautiful mother who was at one time a model. She was friendly in her youth with Australian fashion icon Maggie T. Mum bought the Maggie T franchise to Queensland. She had a store in Brisbane and two on the Gold Coast. I worked for her in the Brisbane store whilst studying.

As a mid-lifer, what advice would you give other mid-lifers wanting to switch careers?

Don’t wait till mid-life!! Have courage and don’t fear failure.

Beautiful clothes for ‘every’ woman

Were there any moments of doubt when you started Adrift, and how did you overcome them?

I started confidently it was only after I had been in business maybe three years that I started to understand the work that it was going to need to keep this business afloat and to eventually thrive. My moments of doubt became everyday life for literally threes years after that.

How important to you is sustainability within your business?

In the early days I didn’t realise at all the impact manufacturing and dying fabric had on the planet. As I became more educated sustainability became at the forefront. Right from the beginning however I was adament that I would not use a factory that did not pay a living wage. When I started my own factory it was fantastic to be in control of the living wages, paid health care, rice provisions clean water. My factory I believe was the first in Bali to wear face masks [Jan 2020] and was fully vaccinated in the middle of this year. Its something I am extremly proud of.

It is truly a breath of fresh air to see such an extensive size selection. How important was it to you to be size ‘inclusive’.

It’s fundamental to Adrift and the concept that we make beautiful clothes, for every woman.

If you could describe your brand in six words or less, what would they be?

Beautiful clothing for every woman. Always.

Timeless pieces that you will own for ever

Many midlife women feel excluded in fashion. Adrift is one brand that is extremely ‘age’ inclusive. Why do you think Adrift resonates with midlife women so much?

Because it is thoughtfully designed. The textiles, prints and shapes ensure fashionable clothing that can be chosen to suit any shape or size.

What is your ‘go-to’ piece of clothing?

You will be surprised to know that I actually have quite a masculine minimilist style personally. I rarely go for extravagent or pretty except for events. My go-to is always our wide leg pants in any linen. I will be however wearing our event wear when it drops. I am very excited with this addition to the Adrift wardrobe.

Business has been incredibly hard for so many during the last year, how have you coped and how has your business changed due to Covid?

Hard is an understatement. People not involved in small business to be honest will never understand. I have coped by non-stop work. I have coped by having an incredible team of devoted employees who have given it their all. We lost the USA wholesale part of the business and wrote that off. We let all small Australian retailers that simply couldn’t take the stock they ordered cancel with no penalty. We remained kind, understanding and kept building and working on what we could control, which was the online business.

  • Here at 50 So What we love supporting women in business, small businesses and especially those run by midlife women. I love the quality and range from Adrift Clothing and the inclusiveness of the brand. If you spot something you would like from their website (I love their linen, it’s the best) use JO20 and you’ll get 20% off storewide. We’re all about sharing the love!

You can check out Adrift Clothing’s latest range by clicking here.

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