My Island Home: Chilled-out beach chic


“My Island Home is my summer love child,” says Mandy Urquhart of the homegrown fashion and accessories label she launched in 2001.

“Maybe it was growing up on Sydney’s Long Reef Beach, maybe it was watching too much Gilligan’s Island, but us Aussies live on the world’s largest island (unofficially). Our home is girt by sea – as we sing in our national anthem, and 85% of our population lives within 50km of the coast. We are the Saltwater People.

Mandy says My Island Home is inspired by life by the coast, the beach, and the easy-breezy Sydney summer: “It’s a little bit “chilled-out beach chic” and a little bit “relaxed resort holiday”.

Chic relaxed costal vibes

My Island Home prefer things to be hand-made of natural materials by craftsmen and artisans. They started slow and small and that’s the way they like it.

The original My Island Home was a little tropical homewares store located in Sydney’s fashionable Double Bay.

Over 16 years there they also started selling what they called resort wear. Clothes you can wear with flats to the beach or dress up with jewels & accessories and wear out.

In 2003 they were one of the first online retailers in Australia and featured in many Australian & international fashion and style mags.

From Coastal Style and Amex’s Departures mag for Platinum card members in the US, to Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar & the good ol’ Women’s Weekly in Australia.

Perfect vacation pieces that will take you from the beach to the bar

My Island Home have sold to international rock stars & fashion icons, local movie stars and the odd princess! You could say they definitely know the ropes.

Since moving to purely online in 2017 My Island Home no longer sell the hard-to-ship homewares. They are all about fashion, jewels, and accessories, and they’re lovingly made in small quantities by small, generally female-run companies like ours.

My Island Home are not a big operation. They are happy hanging out, on island-time enjoying the sun, sand and surf.


Check out My Island Home. I’ve personally fallen in love with many of their pieces (as above).

They are beautiful, beautifully made and what I love the most, I am supporting a small business, run by a woman. That’s pretty special.

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