Get ready for a whiteout: How to wear this spring’s coolest colour

I love white, it is so sophisticated, fresh, crisp and classic.

I remember seeing Elle Macpherson in Fiji a few years back, she floated past me, looking a vision in head-to-toe white, arms adorned with bohemian bangles.

She looked so effortlessly cool. How I longed to recreate this gorgeous look. There are just a few issues for me though, I am not six foot tall, nor as genetically blessed as Elle, and I have a long-standing love-hate relationship with white.

I love it, it hates me. It could well have something to do with the fact I am constantly spilling things down myself. It’s hard for me to keep it looking crisp, clean and fresh. Don’t even get me started on my fake tan rubbing off on it either.

But those little hiccups aside, it’s a colour that always looks great.

It’s also a colour we are going to see a lot this coming spring and summer, so stock up on Napisan and bleach, because we’re heading into a whiteout.

Here’s a few tips on how to pull it off, keep it clean and work it with confidence. You don’t need to be Elle to pull it off either.

Country Road whites
Bohemian Traders Chloe dress
Top tips

• The best coloured underwear to wear under white is a neutral colour, thing natural, skin tone colours.

• A white dress looks sensational in summer, team with slides and a great hat, just add some fabulous bangles, glasses and you are good to go.

• I think just about anyone can pull off wide legged floaty pants. Just keep the top more fitted (think singlet), add slides and it’s the perfect casual but chic look. Great for those hot summer days when you just want to be comfortable but look sharp.

• Keep Napisan (a great cleaner for whites) or a washing powder specifically for whites on hand. It is a hard colour to keep clean, so make sure you read the care instructions.

• If you self-tan, be very careful that the tan does not run (especially when you sweat). There is nothing more off-putting than fake tan all over your white outfit.

• White looks great with just about anything, from tan to the brightest of brights.

• If you are body conscious, don’t go too tight with white, as it will show everything! Or if you are wearing a more fitted look, wear appropriate underwear, shapeware and colour undergarments.

• I love a white tee or shirt. Nothing more classic, and so easy to pair with anything from jeans to leather pants, midi skirts and so much more.

Bohemian Traders
Shirt dress Bohemian Traders
Wear to buy

Country Road, Witchery, and Bohemian Traders have some great white pieces coming into spring and summer, Glassons, Zara and H & M if you are on a budget, and Camila and Marc, Zimmerman if you have more to spend. Most high street stores sell classic white tees that are inexpensive, swimwear stores such as Seafolly have great white summer pants. David Jones have a number of good labels under one roof, so are always a good option if you want to shop around different brands, fabrics and styles.

Most importantly, if you love white, just wear it. Fashion is about what you love, have fun with it and wear it your way. Hey, it’s fashion, not rocket science.

There are no rules, just a few handy hints.