How to dress on trend with plus size fashion


All too often we hear stories of plus size women walking into a clothing store and being disheartened by the lack of sizing available for them in mainstream stores.

Either retailers don’t cater to their size and they need to go to a specialty store, or they have diverse sizing but only in the basics.

Doesn’t every woman deserve the right to dress on trend and feel her best? While specialty retailers do a fabulous job at catering to these needs, it often comes with a hefty price tag. We wanted to share our top finds for trendy and affordable plus size fashion this winter.

Get ready for a winter wardrobe makeover ladies.


While many mums already shop at Best&Less for their little ones (or did when they were kids), we often overlook their range for ourselves with the perception they only sell basics. BUT BOY WERE WE WRONG! Their latest Autumn/Winter collection is right on trend. Not to mention the majority of their items come in the full size range from 8-26, so everyone can rock a trendy PU jacket or Paper bag jeans.

Best & Less

If you’re looking to head in store and try before you buy… Best&Less is the shop for you. On another note…just because plus size clothing requires more fabric doesn’t mean you should have to pay more for it! While some brands up the prices for plus size fashion, Best&Less continue to provide great value items that EVERY BODY can afford.

Little Party Dress

While we may have harped on about pricing…sometimes you’ve just gotta splurge and pay a little extra for something a little extra! That’s exactly what Little Party Dress offer – clothing that has lots of flare and caters for women from sizes 6-22. From bright colours to crazy patterns, they give women confidence to stand out and make bold choices with their fashion. Don’t hide that light under a bushel any longer; show it off instead with a bright geo print dress or shimmering sequin jacket.

Little Party Dress

ASOS Curve

While the retailer houses other brands too, their own range of Plus and Curve items are gorgeous! The only downfall is you can’t try it on before you buy…but let’s be real, since Covid we’re all shopping online more and more these days. Some items can be pricey, but if you spend over $100 (easy…) you can get free shipping to save some dollars. Just be sure to check any reviews and make sure you’re buying QUALITY fabrics. Our favourite pieces are this bold cropped blazer and glamourous wide leg leopard pants.


Wherever you choose to shop, make sure you focus on quality (no one likes to return products after one wear) and therefore value for money. Don’t spend $100 on an item you’ll wear once unless you’re one of those fairytale women that cleans her wardrobe out regularly and sells the clothes she no longer wears…who has time for that?!