Lady in red. It’s where I want to be

red is the hot new colour for summer

I’ve embraced red. It happened purely by accident. I was wearing one of my favourite dresses, when I ended up with my coffee down the front.

As I was running late (story of my life), and in a panic, I grabbed the first thing in my wardrobe that was ironed and easy to wear; it just so happened to be a red silk cami that I paired with wide-legged jeans and heels.

That day changed my wardrobe life. I have never got so many compliments. It may have been that I was finally wearing colour, or that it was just something different for me, but everyone said how great I looked.

Had I done my hair? Changed my lipstick? No, just poured coffee all over me. And thank God I did.

The perfect pairing. Red and black is always a classic.

Colour is now a major part of my wardrobe. I love it, and the older I’ve got, I have realised how important it is. It brightens me up, both mentally and physically. I get compliments and it just makes me feel good (which is the most important thing).

Being blonde and fair skinned, I thought I’d look a bit ‘tarty’ in red, but nothing could be further from the truth. I’ve fully embraced colour and couldn’t be happier.

Darker shades with mixed prints.
My top tips
  • Red comes in many shades, so there is definitely a shade that will suit all skin types
  • If you are new to colour, introduce it slowly especially if you are a bit ‘colour shy’, maybe with accessories
  • If you love colour, hell, why not go all out
  • Bold and red head to toe
  • A pleated red skirt with a white tee is always a classic
  • Wide leg pants look great, and why not go all power red, it makes a statement
  • Red is a power colour, wear it on those days you need a little boost
  • Colour is a great way to balance your figure, use it to highlight your best bits
  • A pop of red with a plain outfit can elevate it, red heels work really well
  • Red looks great with denim

Most importantly, wear it with confidence.


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