Teal: It’s not blue, it’s not green and it should definitely be seen

Tips to wear teal

About 20 years ago I had a dress, it was ‘that’ dress. The dress I wore on those days that I felt like crap, because this dress made me feel like a million bucks. This teal dress of joy was my ‘go to’ on those days I knew I needed a lift. Any boy, did it deliver! Every time I wore it, I got compliments. You see, teal is a colour that is universally acknowledged to suit everyone. I always thought it was ‘nana-ish’, but I quickly learnt it was anything but.

The good news is, I’ve been seeing a lot of teal coming in, and I am loving it. I also say this, and will keep on saying it – colour is your best friend as you age. It can help brighten your completion, make you look happier and it has been proven to have a positive affect on your mood. If in doubt try it, add a bit of colour (especially something in teal) and watch those compliments come rolling in.

I hated colour, I always wore black and to be honest I must have looked like a pale, sick, miserable mess. Adding just a hint of colour made my complexion look less drab, and lifted my mood. You don’t need to go all out, just a hint, and I promise it will make a difference.

Top tips

Teal is a colour you can wear from top to toe.

It suits everyone. I haven’t seen a teal on anyone that I didn’t like.

Be bold, be brave and embrace the colour.

Teal is acknowledged to be universally flattering, so everyone looks great it’s in.

Try a pop of teal with boots (think booties, ankle boots), especially in winter, this can elevate an outfit from so-so to bam! Think a black dress with tights and booties. Black pleated skirt, sweater and a pop of teal. Go for it.

A casual teal blazer in cord looks incredible, or a pleat skirt in teal.

There really are no rules with teal, I think you should just embrace it, have fun with it and enjoy the compliments you’ll get, because you will get them.

The most important tip, wear what makes you happy, regardless of what it is.

The co-founder of 50SoWhat has been in publishing for most of her working life. She was general manager of successful boutique media publishing house in New Zealand for several years and boasts an impeccable sales, marketing and management background. When she’s not road-testing the latest cosmetic procedures, or investigating the hottest lifestyle, travel, fashion and beauty trends for over 45’s, Jo is often back home catching up with family and friends, or working on her golf swing!


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