The colour that brightened me up and made my skin glow

colour green is the new black

We’re embracing colour – especially green!

I wore black pretty much every day when I was younger. Not sure why, I think it just felt safe, easy and back then it was very ‘cool’ to wear black.

Especially in advertising – that’s just what we did. However, coming into my late 40’s I developed a love of colour, especially green.

embracing the colour green

Every time I wore something green I got so many compliments, it was fantastic! Not only did I feel great, I looked great, because the pop of colour brightened me up and actually made my skin look good (bonus) and I actually felt happier.

When I put up our ‘green fashion Thursday’ on our Instagram account, I was shocked by how many ladies loved the colour. I was empowered to hear everyone say the older they got, the more they embraced colour.

green is a great colour for spring

Not only did they look good, they felt incredible, looked sensational, looked younger, hipper and just all round fabulous!

I don’t think there are any rules with colour. If you like it, have the confidence to wear it, just do it!


Everyone from the high street stores to designer stores are doing colour this season.

You don’t need to spend a fortune to look sensational or to make a colour statement.

If you are a little colour-shy, then try a top or skirt mixed with a white tee, or jeans with a green floral top.

You could go for a green bag or green sneakers or green heels – or a pop of green jewellery.

There are so many shades of green, your options are endless (just pick a shade you feel good in).

Make sure you wash colours separately (just to be safe).

Most importantly – put a little colour in your wardrobe – you really will feel good for it.

green is my new favourite colour

Why colour is so good to wear

  • It lifts your mood
  • People always comment
  • It can elevate an outfit from good to great
  • It can actually make your skin look brighter
  • It’s fun, and who doesn’t want to have fun – that’s what fashion is all about