The Teddy Coat: Fashionable, snuggly, and oh so cool

teddy coat chic

The Teddy Coat. I’ve been looking at these snuggly, large, oversized beauties for ages. I love these gorgeous, wrap-yourself-up-in coats. They are super fashionable, snuggly, warm and look oh so cool.

It’s just a pity I live in Sydney and probably won’t have the chance to wear one. However, if I was heading to Melbourne or Tasmania in the dead of winter, I would definitely pack one in my bag.

Pretty much everyone I’ve seen on Instagram has been wearing them throughout the winter in Europe and in US (in the cooler states, especially New York).

What’s so great about them? You can be super warm and look great. If you live in a cooler climate or suffer cold winters, what better way to keep your body temperature up. I also love the range of colours they come in, from pinks, baby blues, neutrals and everything in between (just not black for these coats – it would be too much).

Some people may think they’ll end up looking like Big Bird. You won’t. It’s all about proportion. Team with jeans, keep what you wear underneath simple, if you are short like me make sure you get it tailored so it’s a good length and won’t overwhelm a small frame. Just remember, a tailor is your best friend, pretty much anything will look good if it is the perfect fit.

This coat can be dressed up or down. It looks great over jeans and boots and equally good draped over a dress if you are heading out for the night.

But mostly I love the fact you can keep warm, and look pretty damn good doing so.

Top tips

  • Have this coat tailored if it’s too long (length and sleeves). The cost of tailoring is worth it, you will look great and get much more wear out of something that fits perfectly.
  • Go bold. Pick a shade that looks great on you. It’s fantastic to wear colour in winter, not only do you look great, it takes the ‘drab’ out of a dull winter day.
  • This coat will elevate a casual outfit. You’ll stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons. Just make sure you pick a colour that flatters your skin tone and don’t overwhelm the look with too many accessories or bulky clothes underneath.
  • Wear it with confidence, have fun and most of all enjoy it. Fashion should be fun. As long as you are comfortable, and the coat fits correctly, you’ll feel great.