Time to suit up: The reincarnation of a classic


I love the versatility of a pant suit, especially now. You can team them with anything from strappy heels (perfect for a night time look), or sneakers and a tee for casual.

More than any other time, the pant suit truly is one of the most workable items in your wardrobe.

It just comes down to shape, fit and colour, and to be honest the best thing about the new reincarnation of the suit, anything goes. It’s completely up to you. I love a wide leg, paired with a fitted singlet and topped off by a double-breasted jacket, and just the same, I love a cropped leg pant with a single-breasted blazer in a pastel.

I’m all about teaming with sandals or sneakers – whatever your mood that day, go with the flow.

The below are all available from Country Road.

The pant suit is timeless, ageless and looks good on pretty much anyone. It can look classic, trendy, pretty or tough. It’s completely up to you how you style it.

Most of the high street stores are stocking them. Think Country Road, Zara, Witchery and Trenery, alongside the more expensive stores. You can find one for all budgets.

Pair with slides for a more relaxed look
Sneakers are always a great causal option
My top tips
  • Tailoring is key. You can buy the most expensive suit but it the fit isn’t right; it doesn’t look good. The same goes for the cheapest, if you get it tailored, it can look much more expensive. The cost is worth it. All is takes is the right length of pant, sleeve length and jacket fit. You’d be surprised how a good hem or a correctly placed dart can take an outfit from drab to fabulous.
  • Look for a good fabric. Fabric quality can make all the difference.
  • Go for a fit that you are comfortable in. If you feel good you will look good. All types of cuts are in the shops at the moment, just chose one best suited to you and you can’t go wrong.
  • If you are spending more money, go for a cut, fabric and colour that will last years.
  • If you are just after something for this season, and colour is key, then I suggest not spending a lot.
  • Pair with heels for a dressier look, the strapper the better or sneakers and a tee for a more urban casual look.
  • A pant suit looks good on pretty much anyone. It all comes down to how you style it. I suggest keeping accessories to a minimum, let the suit and your footwear do the talking.
  • The pant suit is a great alternative to a dress if you are going out. I love the look without anything underneath – just the jacket and a good bra (jacket done up of course), heels and pants – you are good to go.
  • Don’t be shy to experiment. I suggest going to a store like David Jones or Myer, who stock a range of labels (both low, mid and high-end) and try on different shapes, colours, styles and price points. Have fun with it. It’s fashion not rocket science.

Most of all, wear what makes you happy.


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