Bring on the bright. Who knew this colour could make me so happy!

yellow makes me happy

It’s the one colour that evokes happiness for me, but can you pull it off?

Yellow: It comes in a number of shades, from mustard, muted, lemon to a bright sunshine yellow.

I never thought I could wear it, until I saw a top in Zara, I tried it on and instantly felt happy, and the colour suited me – much to my delight. I was hooked. Bring on the bright!

bring on the happy bright colours

While I appreciate yellow isn’t for everyone. If you are dipping your toes into the colour (or any new colour for that fact) try doing so in accessories, like shoes, bags and jewellery. Or just add touches of the colour with a pattern, so it’s the tiniest hint of yellow, but still gives you that pop.

I personally wouldn’t go out in head-to-toe yellow, but a satin cami paired with high waisted wide-leg denim jeans looks great. Or a pleat skirt with a white tee, or a pretty floral yellow top or sundress (the options are endless).

There are many choices, whether bold or just a touch, but one thing I do know, is you will get compliments. Colour evokes happiness, brightens our skin tone and just makes us happy. Go for it, you’ll feel great.

You are going to see a lot of yellow – in all sorts of shades come through this season.

Embrace it, wear it your way and wear it with confidence.

happy yellow

Top tips

  • Choose a tone of yellow that suits you
  • If in doubt, ask a friend for an honest opinion
  • If you are scared of colour, add a hint of it with shoes or a bag, or a pattern with mixed colours
  • Don’t be afraid, pretty much anything goes these days
  • Yellow can be worn all year round, in fact it’s the perfect winter colour
  • A yellow coat looks stunning
  • Start with a hint of colour like a cami top or accessory
  • Most high street stores are stocking yellow. Country Road currently have pretty yellow florals, Glassons, H & M, Zara etc are stocking a myriad of shades

Most importantly, if it makes you happy, wear it.


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