Happy 50th birthday Kylie Minogue: The pop icon celebrates by sharing milestone moments

Kylie Minogue turns 50

We should be so lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky…yes, the beloved pop princess, whose catchy, singalong pop classics are the soundtrack to our most formative years, joins the 50 club today.

And what better way to mark the momentous occasion, says Kylie Minogue, than to open up her private family album to share a few of those milestone moments through the decades.

As for celebrating The Big Five-oh on May 28, Kylie says she’ll break from tradition and cut loose for the big day.

“I’m having a bit of an extravaganza,” she says. “It’s really unlike me. I sort of shy away from that kind of thing, aside from if it’s for work and on stage then count me in.

“For parties, I usually keep them very small, but on this occasion, I’m not, but I’m also not doing an Elton John, when he arrived as Louis XVI in the back of a truck.

“I’ll wear a simple dress. I have people who I know and love coming to party in London, so compared to some big ‘dos it’s going to seem quite modest but not by my standards, it’s unusual for me.”

On what it means to turn 50 she recently told The Sydney Morning Herald: “I am very aware and thankful that this is a good time in my life.

“I know I have worked for it and I have paid for it and so I am enjoying it, between my schedules and trying to take care of myself as well.

“I don’t know if it is the 50 thing, it probably has a lot to do with it, but life is maybe slowing down, which sounds ridiculous because there is still so much going on, but it’s happening at a slightly different pace, and a different head space, and a different understanding.

“I haven’t quite figured out how to exactly express it yet, but what it apparent is that people can see it and I know it’s happening. I feel good and thankful.”


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