Orange: It’s my new favourite colour for summer

favourite colour

Would you dare? You bloody bet I would. I’m picking orange for my colour of summer. Watch this space.

It’s bright, bold, beautiful and extremely flattering. I think it gets a bad rap. I think it needs more love and I think we need to be a little more brave and embrace this stunning, scene-stealing colour.

Gorgeous La Boheme dress

I’ve long had a passion for orange. My very first suit (it was the 90’s) was bright orange. I absolutely loved it – I felt like a real powerhouse in it, which was strange because I was shy and the thought of standing out was horrifying, but the power of colour can never be underestimated and whenever the orange suit came out I thought I could take on the world. Sometimes getting out of our comfort zone is a bloody good thing.

How l’d wear it for summer

I’d wear a floaty summer dress, paired with tan sandals and gold jewellery. I’d keep it pretty simple and let the colour do all the talking. I am all about the floaty dress, or the slip dress. I have one in burnt orange from @augustethelabel. It has been my go-to for a few years.

Bec & Bridge dress

Tan looks stunning with orange. I always wear tan slides with my summer orange dresses.

I also love orange wide-leg pants paired with a simple cami and slides or a white tee and sneakers for those cooler days.

If you don’t want to go all out, try orange slides, or an orange small cross-body bag (check out Zara, they had some cute orange accessories).

You can always wear something with a ‘pop’ of orange in it.

I love this pop of orange with the pink, and tan boots. The perfect trans-season outfit. @wethepeoplestyle looks incredible.

Top tips

Regardless of whether you go all out, or just add a hint of orange, it’s definitely a happy colour, and will have you standing out for all the right reasons. It’s also a mood enhancer. I feel great wearing orange. My only tip is to find a combination that suits your personality and go for it. Don’t be afraid of colour, embrace it, and remember there are no rules in fashion. If you love it, wear it.

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