Who said you can’t wear red? I guarantee you’ll get compliments

First of all, you can wear any bloody colour you want.

It doesn’t matter what age you are. Age is irrelevant, fashion is about expressing your individuality and not conforming to what some old fashioned out-of-touch ninny is telling you.

This is exactly what I said to my girlfriend as she was debating between a red sun dress – which is absolutely stunning, by the way – and a plain black one. Not that there was anything wrong with the black, it’s just that she’s feeling good about herself, she wanted to express that, and hearing someone tell her she was ‘a bit old’ for red sent me into a tailspin….. as you can imagine.

So, in aid of colour, especially red I’ve decided to showcase some stunning looks that would suit anybody at any age. While I’m all about the fabulous midlife, I’m not ageist – and anyone can wear red.

It’s a colour that makes me feel powerful, it puts a spring in my step and it elevates my mood. It’s great for those days when I need that extra boost.

It suits my fair colouring and blonde hair (I just keep the make-up and hair toned down) just as much as it suits my girlfriends olive skin and dark hair.

So for anyone debating whether to buy that fabulous red dress, pants, blazer or top. Go for it. I guarantee you’ll look and feel wonderful.

My top tips for wearing red
  • If you are wearing a red dress, keep everything else toned down, let the dress be the hero.
  • If you want to introduce red slowly into your wardrobe, try some fabulous red heels or boots, or a bag. Just make sure you add a red lippy to tie it all in.
  • Red can be a mood elevator. If you need a lift, wear colour. It’s a scientific fact that colours make you feel good.
  • You are guaranteed to get compliments. Don’t be afraid to stand out from the pack.
  • One of my favourite combinations is denim and red. I love a denim jean, heels and a beautiful red top (preferably girly and floaty).
  • Read the care instructions and definitely wash separately or get dry-cleaned.

Most importantly, wear what the bloody hell you want to. Life is far too short to conform to what others may perceive as normality. How boring!


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